We know we’ll never make tax season your favorite time of year, but perhaps we can make it easier. Here are five things you can do now to smooth out the time required to pull your records together for your tax preparer.

Make your taxes easier by taking these steps now!

Make your taxes easier by taking these steps now!

1. Contractor Clean-up

In preparation for the 1099s, take a look at your vendor list now and identify who should receive a 1099. Perform a mini-audit and ask for any W-9s, address and identification numbers that are missing so you can plug in your tax IDs without scrambling at the last minute.

2. Check or PSE

Also in preparation for 1099s, you’ll need to break out payments made to vendors by check versus by credit card, third party or what the IRS calls PSE, payment settlement entity. You’ll only need to issue 1099s to vendors you wrote checks to.  We’ll be glad to help you determine how to separate these in QuickBooks-simply and easily!

3. Calculated Moves

Is there anything you can calculate in advance of crunch-time? For example, if you had loans, you can secure the appropriate amortization schedules. If you have depreciable assets, some of these schedules can be prepared ahead of time. Did you buy or sell any major assets? A summary of the transactions can be prepared and ready to go.

4. Playing Catch-Up

If you are behind in your bookkeeping, filing, bank reconciliations, or other accounting chores, it’s a good time to get caught up so all the routine stuff is out of the way.

5. Getting Organized

When the year ends and the tax documents start arriving, place them in a special folder or stack so that all the papers are together. Scan them in and place them in a specially labeled folder on your PC. You’ll be more organized than ever.

When all of the mundane items are completed early, it leaves time for the more important conversations, such as discussing new ideas for tax reduction, ways to operate your business more efficiently, and planning for your future.

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If we can help make your tax and accounting tasks easier during any time of the year, please reach out and call – we’ll be glad to get you ready for tax season!