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Marie Gibson - small business accounting consultant

Marie Gibson

Marie Gibson, an online accounting educator and rescuer has a big heart for entrepreneurs and small business owners!  She helps them make more money and keep more of it by creating accounting systems that are fast, easy, effective and accurate!  Marie, a member of Intuit’s National Trainer Writer Network, built her online business to better serve busy entrepreneurs who need help using their numbers to make decisions–all at an affordable price!

Removing stumbling blocks and enabling business owners and entrepreneurs to have successful businesses is the source of Marie’s inspiration.  She is thrilled to be leveraging her knowledge and expertise into simple, easy to understand programs and books which encourage business owners to break through their agony with numbers.  They can understand that numbers are their friends and use them to make worry-free business decisions.

Marie helps business owners KNOW their numbers… and make SMART business decisions!  Her online programs will help you turn your chaos and confusion into confidence.